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Linda Lopes Zalesky

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Who is Linda Lopes-Zalesky? “I am a proud born and raised Vallejo Girl”.

In the 50’s with both parents working full time, it was “Home Alone” that included responsibilities and commitment to our family, friends, school and church instilled by my parents at a very young age that defines my character today. My parents taught me how pray and I am a member of the Community Presbyterian Church in Vallejo.

Tony and Stella Borges were my Aunt and Uncle who owned a dairy ranch on Lake Herman Road where I visited on the weekends. Uncle Tony taught me how to become a ranch hand working with cows, chickens, pigs, goats, dogs, cats, horses and the donkey. His expectations were high when it came to work ethics. I learned the importance of chores on the ranch property and the responsibilities that came with taking care of the animals. Uncle Tony taught me how wake up before Albert the Rooster and the importance of going to bed early. I assisted my Aunt Stella who cooked three full meals a day for the ranch hands. She taught me time management and to be exact in baking but she never followed a recipe when she cooked, so I learned to cook watching the Galloping Gourmet on TV.

I am a member of Vallejo Executive Lions Club involved in their fund raising activities to assist the blind. I enjoy cooking, baking, camping, fishing, scuba diving and golf.

I am an Old Fashion Customer Service California Realtor, a member Vallejo Chamber of Commerce and a business is license with City of Vallejo. Mustico Realty is a family owned office and I am honored to be a member of this family who is dedicated in helping other families with their real estate needs.

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Mustico Realty, thirty years in business
Mustico Realty, thirty years in business
Mustico Realty, thirty years in business